Re-Romancing Your Relationship

Re-Romancing Your Relationship


How would you like to ignite the fires of passion in your relationship
and take your love-making to a whole new level of ecstasy?

How would like to develop your capacity to connect authentically and intimately,
to be honoring and appreciative?

Men, how would you like to make love to your lover for as long as you want and to experience multiple,
full body orgasms, ejaculating only when both of you want that?

Women, how would you like to experience intense, extended, multiple full body orgasms,
and to so surrender to your ecstasy that you ejaculate?


Remember back to when you first met and fell in love
and created the bond that made you a couple.
You felt as if the magic of your love would sustain you forever and fuel an ongoing passion?
Is that what happened?

If you are like most couples, the love remains,
Perhaps without the original allure, but still strong.
What has diminished to a disappointing degree is
The romance and sexual turn-on.
Frustration, fighting and familiarity have had their way with you
You do not have the relationship and sexual skills to overcome them.
I can show you how.


Relationship Counseling

Relationship is an art and a science. Great relationships don’t come naturally to most people. You learn how to have a great relationship and put what you learn into practice.

It is hard to see what you are doing that gets in the way of your happiness. However you can learn to both to see it and to transform it. As a relationship counselor I can guide you on this journey into a conscious love. Together with the sexual training that you get, you will learn what you need to do to keep desire, intimacy and passion alive in your relationship.

Tantra Coaching

I suggest that you turn to Tantra that has helped many couples create passionate, sacred love lives that bring them great joy.

I am an experienced Tantrika, which means that I know the Tantric arts of love, sex and consciousness, and this knowledge is expressed in how I live, love, and make love.

I am also a Tantra teacher, which means that I can pass on what I know to you. I can help you overcome your sexual problems and achieve your sexual aspirations.

Assuming your desire and your readiness, I can help you build emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship and experience ecstatic states in love-making.

Couples come to me with all sorts of desires and through Tantra I am able to satisfy many of these.
If you wish to fulfill your desires, you need to know and express what they are.


Do want to know how to romance your relationship and
to create the kind of emotional intimacy that leads to
sexual intimacy and passion?

Are you seeking to inspire freshness and newness in an old love?

If you are finding that the passion has gone out of your life and your sex, you will do well to explore finding it through Tantra. Tantra moves out of the arena of the personality and into the arena of the soul connection – where you originally met and fell in love.

Through Tantra you can learn to:

  • Take a vacation from the personality issues that trigger and separate you and to greet and honor the high being in yourself and your partner that is still there, despite the ups and downs of life.
  • Be in the moment with your partner, focused, attentive, and appreciative.
  • Nurture that “in love’ feeling, to create more electric sexual energy, and to spread that energy throughout your bodies to co-create sensational sex.
  • Romance you relationship on a date night with each other that will take you from the Sacred Heart Space to hot, passionate, sacred sex.
  • Identify your core issues and resolve them.
  • Build up a rich heritage of sacred love experiences that will enable you to know who each other is on the spiritual level in the tough and painful times of conflict.
  • Learn the Tantric art of using consciousness and energy to bring about a union of your sexual and spiritual energies.  You develop the capacity to direct and peak those energies, both within yourself and between each other.
    The result?  You become extraordinary lovers with each other.

Learning how to romance you relationship is not only relevant to couples in long term relationships. It is equally important to new couples that want to enrich what they have and build on it, rather than experience their sexual excitement diminish over the passing years.

Do you have sexual challenges that you would like help in over-coming?

If you are a man, this could include:

  • Difficulty in giving your partner the quality of intimate interaction and attention that she wants
  • Problems with meeting, or arousing, her sexual needs
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction – ED – which may take the form of either trouble getting or keeping an erection
  • Lack of desire
  • Delayed Ejaculation – trouble going beyond a certain sexual arousal level and culminating in orgasm

If you are a woman, your sexual challenges could include:

  • Inadequate skills in how to stimulate your partner
  • Difficulty in getting aroused or staying present to the intimate experience with your partner
  • Problems with orgasming.  You could have only rare or weak orgasms or no orgasms at all
  • Becoming aroused only by a very narrow range of stimulation
  • Attitudes to sex that interfere with your ability to abandon yourself to your sexual experience
  • Having little knowledge of your own body  – and hence difficulty in communicating to your partner what he needs to do to successfully arouse you.

Do you want to actualize the sexual/spiritual potential
of an already really great relationship?

Are you and your partner are in love and have good sexual energy with each other?
Do you want now want to take your sexual relationship to the pinnacle of it’s potential?

Do you want to:

  • Co-create with your partner full body orgasm, multiple orgasms, extended orgasm, and Tantric orgasms
  • Experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies and have extended, simultaneous full body orgasm?
  • Merge with your partner and existence and become as one.
  • Have the man last for a very long time, while exquisitely tantalizing you and bringing both himself and you to orgasmic peaks, instead of hurting or numbing your sensitive tissues
  • Have the man bring himself to ecstatic orgasmic states without prior to ejaculating
  • The woman to feel the fullness and erotic power of her abandoned sexual energy, perhaps even to ejaculate
  • Learn the kama sutra positions which are best for you
  • Create sexual energy circuits and use these to intensify your orgasmic energy together.


It certainly is and not for the rare few .
This is possible for all those who are ready to learn the Tantric consciousness and skills.
It becomes a reality for all those who follow through.

Is it a life-long path or can you see immediate results?

Both are true. A single session can have an enormous effect.
As you would expect, the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

Is learning secondary to you and pleasure your primary interest?

Is what you are looking for a sensual, Tantric one of a kind experience that will stimulate your appetite, gratify your senses, and spice up your love life?

I can provide this and once you have had such an experience you can recreate it yourselves over and over again. You can offer this Tantric experience with me to your beloved for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or simply as a way to say you love them.

Are you looking to stretch your boundaries and
revitalize your relationship energies by
introducing new energies into your experience together?

Some couples come because their love for each other is energized by sharing it with a third person or another couple who either supports their play or guides it into other more pleasurable, exciting and uplifting dimensions.

Whatever the reason for your interest in Tantra and in approaching me,
I can support you in realizing the transformation and joy that you are looking for.

You have the option of learning with me alone or with me and my male Tantric partner.


I can include my male Tantric partner and we can teach you together. This is very desirable as it enables us to do demonstrations for you and also, where appropriate, to practice with you individually. It better enables each of you to get a sense of how a Tantric skill is done, or a state of consciousness is experienced, when it is done with an experienced partner. This greater understanding enables you to develop the consciousness and skills more quickly and thus benefits you both. However, there are several reasons why a couple would prefer to work with only a woman, and in that case, I am happy to work by myself with the two of you.


I will be teaching you in the Tantric Lover’s Retreat designed with Tanric love-making in mind.
If you utilize my services as a Tantric coach and wish to stay over, you are welcome to be my guest. The environment you will be in has an exquisite ambiance, Tantric art work, fabulous lighting, and alluring scents and music.


If you and your beloved wish to stay over, you will also have the optional benefit of bedroom adventure gear, safe and legal aphrodisiacs, Tantric DVD’s, exquisite taste treats, and much more.

Through Tantra, the world is your oyster. I invite you to partake of it with, and through, each other.

It will be my honor to be your guide.


Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach

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