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I would like to learn something more about you. Please answer all the questions below. If you have sexual challenges or aspirations, let me know what they are. The more information you give me with regard to these, the easier it will be for me to help you choose the appropriate session and to modify the session to best meet your needs and desires.

If you are aware of the history behind a sexual challenge you have, I encourage you to share that too. For example, if you know that you were often criticized for cuming too fast and that now you have performance anxiety, let me know this. If you judged your penis as inadequate as a young boy and were anxious that you would not be enough and now have trouble getting an erection, I can be more helpful to you if I know this. Whatever you don’t tell me, I will discover in our opening talk if you are doing a 3.5 hour Tantra Mastery Session but if I already know this, it will make better use of your time with me.

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I am located and teach in San Diego but plan to do some traveling.  Please let me know what cities you would like to be notified about if I visit them.  Even if I am not going to your city, I may even be able to do a stop-over if it is on the way to a destination that I am headed to.

If you are not able to see me but want to be informed if I come your way, you can choose as to whether you wish to fill out the whole questionnaire now or closer to the time we meet.  In either case, please fill out all the information above and let me what you are looking for (choices A to E) below. Choose what you are most looking for in meeting with me from the list of choices A, B, C, D, & E.  Feel free to discuss your choices or to chose several and describe your priority rating of them.

If you choose option A, you are choosing one hour Tantric Massage or a longer Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage where the focus will be on an agenda-less experience of Tantra. If the Tantra Experience is your primary interest you have the option of a one and a half to three and a half hour Tantra Experience. Option D will also be appropriate to a Tantra Experience session, where you will experience Tantric energy, but not to the same degree as a Tantra Mastery session, where you learn to master it.

If you choose options B, C, or D, you are choosing a Tantra Mastery Session where the focus is on developing the specific Tantric skills and consciousness that will enable you to excel in the topic of that session.  Such sessions are three and a half hours or longer for the first session and usually three hours or longer for subsequent sessions.  In certain circumstances, but never in the case of the Ejaculation Mastery/Full Body Orgasm session, a two hour session is possible.   Option A will also be experienced in a Tantra Mastery Session.







The following are familiar sexual challenges that men often come to see me for. I can help you with these challenges. Please respond only to those that are a sexual challenge for you.

PREMATURE EJACULATION - Most men have this challenge
(Fill out only if relevant)

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION  (Fill out only if relevant)

DELAYED EJACULATION  (Fill out only if relevant)

Also known as Retarded Ejaculation and Men's Orgasm Problem

PORN ADDICTION (Fill out only if relevant)