Sacred Sensual Delight Experience


by Tanya, Ph.D.

A Tantric Massage is dedicated to worshipping the divine being that is your essence and to revering and pleasuring your body as the temple of your soul. It is best experienced as a three hour session – although it can be as short as one and a half hours. It will take place in a romantic, sensual room, that was designed with Tantric love-making in mind. Rich, sensual colors and fabrics, extraordinary lighting and candlelight, sacred, erotic Tantric art-work and sculptures, a mirrored wall, sensual, romantic music, and exquisite incense, are all designed to take you out of your mind and into a relaxed and yet stimulated state that helps you move ever more deeply into your senses and opens your heart. Depending on the length of the session, your Tantric massage will include some or all of these factors:

Intimate sharing. We take time to get to know and appreciate each other each other so that this is not just an anonymous experience between and anonymous man and an anonymous woman but between you and me.

We move into the Sacred Heart Space and make a soul connection.

Holding that soul connection intact, we move into an experience of sensual touching, characterized by being present, heart centered, focused in our senses, responsive and expressive. If you have difficulty with this, I coach you.

A ritual bath or spa ceremony that will affirm your inner beauty and outer attractiveness. It is my intent to help you experience yourself through my eyes, and to see that in you that evokes my appreciation, welcome and honoring. Whatever biases you have against yourself as a result of your age, size or shape will be forgotten when you experience my heart-centered and sensual connection with, and acknowledgment of, the divine being within you.

Appreciations and acknowledgements.

A Sensual Delight Ritual in which you will fall deeply into your senses when, while being blind-folded, they are stimulated with scents, taste treats, sounds, furs, feathers and the soothing, teasing, pleasuring touch of the hands or silky hair. The delivery of these delights will always be designed so as to optimize your sensory delight.

A relaxing, healing massage of your back-side while you lie on the massage table, which is situated next to the mirrored wall. The intention of this massage is to bring you to a place of deep relaxation so that your life force energy, also known as your kundalini energy, can begin to flow throughout your body.

A sensual massage, with long. slow, sensual strokes, is given when you turn over onto your back. This will further ignite your life-force kundalini energy and I will teach you to create sexual energy circuits through which this energy can stream.

Your Tantric pleasure giver will assist you in experiencing and intensifying subtle sensations in your body so that your pleasure and delight is more profound.

She or he will guide you in using your breath, sounds, focused attention, and imagination, to build and spread this kundalini energy throughout your body, so that you arrive at ecstatic states of over-flowing pleasure.

It is your birth-right to experience the beauty and innocence of exquisite, loving, sensual pleasure and to cultivate in yourself, as an art-form, your capacity to elicit that pleasure from deep within all the cells of your body.