Playing out the Game the Tantric Way

I and many others have gone from not being Tantric to being, to a greater or lesser degree and depending on the moment, Tantric. When the Tantric moment is upon us and as it permeates who we are, we taste richly of Tantra’s exquisite gifts.

It is not without effort though, for the move for deliberate change, in which you reconstruct your self and reprogram your wiring, requires effort on our parts. This effort is a gift. It involves experiencing the movement into more self love and self acceptance, into becoming accepting, loving, respectful and honoring to others. It involves slowing down and tasting fully of the present moments so that it permeates your consciousness and you attune to it even on the energetic level. In Tantric sex this is essential.

The choice to become more Tantric also involves surrender. You surrender to your partner and to existence itself and use the sexual experience to make this surrender. You say “yes” to all the extraordinary sexual energy that you are allowing to invade you, taking you more and more out of control so that, when you are fully out of control, you lose your mind and become nothing but sheer electric radiance, but above all you become nothing. When that happens your orgasm is of you and the universe – and your partner is a part of both. Then the sexual and spiritual become one.

In the context of the psyche, where mind and emotions play out their existence, playing out the game the Tantric way, is to be either being intensely alive, or arching yourself in the direction of being intensely alive. Feeling everything. Yet not be attached. To hold on lightly. You can do this because you have the capacity of be nourished by whatever there is to nourish you. You choose to be in gratitude for everything there is to be in gratitude for. Grateful for the strengths that I have, that you have. Grateful for the goodness and the gifts and teachings of others. Grateful for every instance of nature. Grateful for what ever love and beauty that there is in my life – in your life.

Through being in this way, to the extent that I am, I have become more trusting and more playful. Things are not so deadly serious. Now it is not so important that things turn out this way instead of that way. This awareness relaxes and opens the door to more pleasure. This relaxation helps bring me into my heart and into the moment, where all I have to is to follow my flow into the deep and deepening, pleasurable experience of my life.

In the context of spirit, Tantra takes its expression in me, as in all of those who follow its path of consciousness, in meditation. It is an incorporation into oneself of stillness and silence and the witnessing of who you are in this stillness and silence – your soul being essence. The more silent I become, the more I feel. The more I feel in a sexual context the more orgasmic I become. There are ever deepening levels of silence and the deeper into that silence you go the deeper into the orgasmic experience you go. The deeper into silence you go the more you experience the spiritual as you disappear into an inner space that is as eternal and infinite as space itself, as a dreamless sleep, as the death you will ultimately disappear into. When you experience this in a place of erotic arousal and you hold in your consciousness the breadth and depth of your spiritual and your sexual experience you tap into sexual, spiritual energy circuits through which sacred, erotic, spiritual light energy moves from your core out to your periphery, obliterating your consciousness, and replacing ordinary existence with divine bliss.

Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach

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