Namaste! I welcome you to my site!

I provide Tantric coaching, Tantric Experiences and Tantric Massage for men, women and couples.

If you are unfulfilled in your sex life and lack the emotional intimacy and passionate sex you long for

If you are troubled by concerns about your sexual performance

If you are pressured by life and simply want to unwind in a sensual Tantric escapade

I can help you.

Discover how Tantric Sex will enable you to enjoy passionate love and have better sex.

I can help you solve your sexual problems, enjoy your sex life, and to develop your capacity to experience emotional intimacy and both Sacred Sex and passionate sex.

I am a creator of relaxing, pleasure oriented, sensual Tantric experiences, which often include a Tantric Massage.

These are a delightful and profound dip into a sensual Tantric reality where you discover what connecting your sex, heart and spirit brings to your sexual experience and to your love life.

As a relationship counselor and sex coach, I help couples have happier, more turned- on and healthy relationships by learning many powerful ways to overcome the blocks to their emotional intimacy and to discover the pathway to passionate love and passionate sex through conscious relationship practices and Tantric Sex.

The lack of emotional intimacy in relationships is a major cause of sexual problems.

Is it so your relationship – whether present or past?

If so, once this is resolved, your capacity for deep passionate love and hot passionate sex will surpass anything you’ve experienced before.

Then it will be easier to solve any sexual problem inhibiting your sexual pleasure.

I also provide a 3 month Intimate Love Counseling program and a residential or virtual day long or multi day Sexual Passion Intensive for those of my clients who have a strong drive to have lasting intimate, passionate and healthy relationships.

I teach in an exquisite Tantric Environment, which transports you into a Tantric Experience.


I honor your High Being


Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach