David, Northern California

Dear Tanya –

It’s been several months since I joined with you in our first lesson, but I continue to feel as though I just left your wonderful Tantric home.

Your Ejaculation Mastery session was a significant investment in time and money, and I was concerned before starting–how could it be worth it? But my concerns vanished within five minutes of walking in your door — seeing you, seeing how you treat your clients, talking with you, understanding the seriousness of your desire to teach, and your ability to do so. You rapidly moved from “customer satisfaction” to “customer delight.”

I experienced things with you that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. I won’t try to describe them, because I wouldn’t do justice to them. Enough to say, there is a power most of us don’t experience from day to day, and you opened the door for me.

Anyhow, thanks very much, and I hope all of your students come away with as much as I did — I expect they will. I look forward to the next time I’m in your area and can visit you again.

David, Northern California