Women’s Tantra Mastery Series




Learn to bring a strong element of honoring, cherishing and adoration into your relationship. In Tantra we call it the Sacred Heart Space where we see each others inner beauty, that which is the best in us and our partner, our high beings. We focus on it, we love it, we bow down to it, we are in gratitude for it and, above all, we hang out with it and we make love to it, from the place of our own high being, our own most loveable, beautiful essence. You will learn to come from that place of presence with others and how to move from there into the sensual/sexual arena.



Bringing the place of presence and love into the experience of exquisite touch.

Tantric Touch is a key element of Tantra. This touch is a touch that expresses the love and cherishing that we have for each other. It is a light delicate touch that can only be done when you are in your heart and responsive to your partner and when your consciousness is totally focused in your hands and in the pleasure that your hands experience. It is also a touch that attunes to the subtle energy between the two of you because you are so focused and so attuned that you begin to pick up the life force energy between your hands and your partners body and that energy is also sexual energy. This most Tantric of touches takes place in the context of a wide range of sensual strokes that keep the receiver out of their mind and focused on their senses. You will learn to touch consciously, honoringly and lovingly with full receptivity to your partner. You will learn to receive touch in the same manner.


Man-Woman connecting at all energy centers

You will learn to run your sexual energy, streaming it throughout your body. You will learn to run your sexual energy to different energy centers in your body and develop the capacity to move and direct your life force energy, which is also your sexual energy, to whatever place in your body you wish to send it. You also learn to experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies. You will learn how to experience full body orgasmic energy and may experience it.



Part 1: Utilizing Tantric Touch, Female G-Spot Massage and Sexual Energy Circuits for sexual healing.

Sexual wounds will block you from experiencing sexual pleasure. Those blocks could be cutting you off from almost any sexual satisfaction and causing deep dissatisfaction. They could be keeping you from the peak sexual experiences that you know that you could otherwise have. They may be thwarting you in a multitude of different ways. Female g-spot massage is an avenue to move deeply into sexual healing. It requires your trust that I will be in intimate and supportive contact with you as you contact old subconscious memories of insensitiveness or abuse that now present blocks to your full energetic and orgasmic expression.

Part 2: Tantric Touch, Female G-Spot Massage and Sexual Energy Circuits for enlivening the Yoni and G-Spot to Ecstasy and stimulating the female ejaculation.

Become orgasmic, more consistently orgasmic and multi-orgasmic. Experience full body orgasm and develop the capacity to ejaculate during orgasm. Amrita is the female ejaculate that flows from an intensely relaxed, abandoned and orgasmic woman during orgasm, usually, but not always, elicited from stimulation of the G-spot.

Perhaps you have not yet had an orgasm, or don’t know if what you have is an orgasm or not, or keep riding the peak but never quite fall into the orgasmic abyss. Or perhaps you have experienced orgasm but can rarely get there, or have difficulty getting there, or get there too rarely for yourself and your partner. Or perhaps there is only a very narrow range of stimulation that can bring you to orgasm, which creates a certain repetitiveness in your sexual experiences, leading to a lack of novelty, spontaneity and excitement in your sex life. You can increase the range of stimulation that can bring you to orgasm. Become more acutely aware of sensations you experience and learn to expand and intensify them.

The Yoni and G-Spot is immensely sensitive and responds with ecstasy to Tantric Touch. Using Tantric Touch and Sexual Energy Circuits with the Yoni and G-Spot leads to sexual healing, when needed, and, when not, to profound orgasmic experiences and even more profound multiple orgasms that are intense, all-consuming, and ecstatic. It is in this state of bliss that female ejaculation can blossom. It is a state of complete abandon, surrender, and trust a trust in which the woman knows that her partner is following her energy and has mapped out and knows how to activate and dance with every erotically energetic area.



On being an excellent receiver. How a woman feels sexual energy and relaxes into trust and abandon. The woman’s capacity to receive and respond is essential to her ability to experience orgasm and to be both fully and multi-orgasmic. Learn how to give your partner subtle leads through your movements, energy, sounds, facial expressions, breath, and touch, and in so doing give your partner the map and the cues to your sexual energy so that it can be followed. It is in the fullness of the surrender and let-go that the most powerful orgasmic experience occurs. For that the woman has to stop making something happen and let herself be taken over by the sensations she is experiencing.

On being an excellent giver. How to follow your partner’s sexual energy and take it as high as it can go. For a woman to realize her full sexual potential and to come into her power and creativity as a sexual woman , she also needs to be the giver, by initiating sexual play, choosing the type of sexual play, taking control of the sexual situation, and pouring her powerful and erotic female energy into her partners receptive body.


Running Sexual Energy

Learn to be so present to your experience in the moment, to be so focused in your senses, that you become attuned to the energetic realm within yourself and your partner. You can then take your life force energy, which is your sexual energy, and move it, direct it and connect it with your spiritual energy, so that you experience the union of spiritual and sexual energy. Once you can move the energy in your body you can transmit that energy to your partner and receive it from your partner, creating, what in known in Tantra as, the Circle of Bliss. By mastering the processes of uniting your sexual and spiritual energies, you will claim the capacity to generate ecstasy at will.

In the central axis of your body from the root in the perineum area to the crown, there are whirling vortices of energy, called Chakras. When we make love we often move energy between the chakras and merge our chakras with our partners. There are many chakras but we usually relate to the 7 main ones. You will learn to move your energy between your own chakras, from your own chakras to your partners chakras, and to merge your chakras with your partners.

Learn how to use breath, movement, sound and consciousness to run energy between bodies.

Sex Magic

Sex Magic 2

There is an old metaphysical dictum, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” From ancient times, metaphysical/spiritual teachers of the mystery schools have taught that envisioning with intensity at the 6th chakra (third eye) is a way to manifest concepts into physical form. Sex magic is a technique to generate the maximum attention and the maximum sexual energy which, when combined with visualization, gives a couple the ability to create their dreams together.