Learning the Consciousness and Skills of
Being an Exceptional Tantric Lover



The underlying theme of all these sessions is how to be totally present, out of your head, and into your senses and your heart, so that everything becomes more vivid and intense. Then, whether in your life in general or in your sexuality and sensuality in particular, your pleasure is multiplied – both the pleasure you give and the pleasure you receive. Each session will focus on a different aspect of Tantric Sex and Love-making. I do not have sex with you in any of these sessions.



If you are learning Tantra – as distinct from having a Tantric massage or a Tantric experience, you will learn the skills and consciousness that will enable you to be an extraordinary lover. Each session will specialize in a different arena of Tantra and Tantric Sex and each session will be complete and independent in itself.  Most sessions will be 3.5 hours although a session can be as short as two hours and as long as 4.5 hours.  If you never do anything more, what you will gain from the time you spend during any session will be significant and life-changing if you apply it.

My expertise is wide-ranging. On the one hand, if you need it, I can help you overcome sexual problems and re-access your lost sexual potency and passion, including:

Problems with:
* Getting or maintaining an erection
* Performance anxiety
* Achieving ejaculation
* Premature ejaculation
* Diminished libido
* Getting turned on to your partner
* Being orgasmic or have strong, long-lasting orgasms
* Porn addiction

Tantra does help solve these sexual problems to the extent that they are psychologically rather than physically based, which they often are. If they are physically based, supplements for sexual health, aphrodisiacs, hormonal solutions, and alternative health programs can be recommended.  Also, Tantra will help optimize those aspects of your sexuality that are not physically compromised and thus can lead to a significant and striking improvement.  You can learn to have very exciting sex and a wonderful love life with your partner, regardless of your sexual problems – even when they are physical health problems that cannot be overcome.  Check Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this.

If you desire it, I can help you to actualize your sexual and relationship potential, so that you can become the best lover you can be.

For example, you will learn how to:

  • Be a multi-orgasmic man capable of lasting as long as you want without ejaculating
  • Touch Tantrically so as to tantalize and arouse your partner
  • Have, and to help your partner have, full body, extended, Tantric orgasm
  • Create emotional intimacy and sexual turn-on with a new lover or in long term relationship beset by familiarity
  • Overcome any sexual problems you might be facing
  • Become a master of Tantric Sex.  You can learn to make love Tantrically so that you and your lover experience ongoing implosions of powerful, expanded, full body, orgasmic energy, that reveal the divinity in yourselves, each other and existence itself.

The Tantra Mastery Sessions are a deeper expansion of the shorter Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage sessions. This is where the money you donate to me has a huge pay-off. Take what I teach you and make it part of your life and the life you live will be infinitely better than what you have most likely ever conceived. You will open to sacred, honoring love and sex, extraordinary orgasms, open hearted, turned on relationships and, through all of this, an immersion in the transcendent.

You can achieve all of this.  In a single 3 1/2 hour session, I can teach men how to be in the Sacred Heart Space with their lover while in a sensual or sexual connection, and the art of Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm.

The Tantra Mastery Series is a series of Tantra Mastery Sessions in which you will learn the many different aspects of Tantric sex as you embark on the Tantric path of presence, surrender, and celebration.

I developed a Tantra Mastery Series to accommodate the different needs of men, women, and couples. Each session in the Tantra Mastery Series is complete in itself and no further session is required for you to get the full value of this session – unless another session is a pre-requisite for it.

I recommend that men and couples who wish to do some Tantra Mastery sessions and can only do three of them, choose these three:

  • Session One “Sacred Heart Space, Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm”
  • Session Three  “How to Pleasure the Goddess”
    (Please do this sessions as a 4.5 hour session to get the best results)
  • Session Eight “Romancing Your Relationship:  How to Create the Kind of Emotional Intimacy that Leads to Sexual Intimacy and Passion” (The Tantric Date Night.)

Sometimes out-of-towners, who can only see me one time, do a five hour (or longer) combination of sessions one and three.

When two people meet and their vibrational frequencies come into alignment and dance together, extraordinary energies thrill them on the level of body and soul.   For this to happen, they must trust, honor and cherish each other.  Can it be thus for you? I will show you the way and I will be the way.

If you are ready to begin your Tantra training, or if you would like to discuss this further, please apply for a Free Consultation and fill out and send me the “About You” Men’s Profile.

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