10 Optional Sessions




Some sessions are a pre-requisite to the other sessions

Each session in the Tantra Mastery Series is complete in itself and no further session is required for you to get the full value of this session – unless another session is a pre-requisite for it.

The Best Sessions To Begin With
The best sessions to begin with are either Session One: The Sacred Heart Space, Ejaculation Mastery, Full Body Orgasm or Session Three: How to Pleasure A Woman. A great follow up session is Session Eight “Romancing Your Relationship: How to Create the Kind of Emotional Intimacy that Leads to Sexual Intimacy and Passion” (The Tantric Date Night.)

Session One: The Sacred Heart Space, Premature Ejaculation Mastery, Full Body Orgasm


Learn how to:

  • Move into the Sacred Heart Space with me and with any Beloved in your life.
  • Move into the sensual realm with me and your Beloved (present or future) – while remaining in the Sacred Heart Space.
  • Make love for as long as you wish without ejaculating, not by diminishing your arousal, but by spreading it throughout your body.
  • Flood your body with so much sexual energy that it ultimately leads to full body orgasm without ejaculation
  • Run your life-force/sexual energy – how to send this energy up your spine and connect it with your spiritual energy, and to spread it across your body to bring the aliveness and arousal throughout your body and not just focused in your genitals.
  • Raise your consciousness along with your frequency by not ejaculating during extended ecstatic states of orgasmic energy and bliss. The longer you hold onto your seed and build the orgasmic energy in you, the more power and energy you will gather and the more intense and pervasive your orgasmic energy will be.
  • Experience full body orgasm. This is a far more pervasive, powerful and extended orgasm the takes place not just in the genitals but in the cells of your whole body. It is also known as implosive, as distinct from explosive, orgasm and like explosive orgasm can vary in its strength. It is possible to experience with or without ejaculation.
  • Develop a new mind-body reflex (if you do the follow-up self-pleasuring practices that I give you at the end of the session) without ever having to see me for Ejaculation Mastery again. This means that you will overcome your premature ejaculation, if you have it, and whether or not you have it, you will be able to last for as long as you want without ejaculating and as long as your partner needs you to. All this will make you an extraordinary Tantric lover.
  • Get the knack of orgasm without ejaculation, so that you will be a multiorgasmic man. So many men want to be capable of multiple orgasms. Now you will be – regardless of your age.


Session Two: Integrating Ejaculation Mastery into Intercourse with a New or Committed Partner

Lovers-JacquelineRipstein Painting

I recommend that you come to this session with a partner.
Learn how to:

  • Negotiate a Co-operative Partnership for practicing Ejaculation Mastery and Tantric Orgasm
  • Use a graduated series of increasingly arousing sexual exercises to teach your partner how to arouse you without bringing you over the edge and how to peak you over and over again at higher and higher levels of arousal. First learn how to do this sans intercourse.
  • Use a graduated series of increasingly arousing sexual exercises to first acclimatize you to the arousing environment of your partners genitals when your genitals are in contact with them and then to the experience of intercourse with your partner without ejaculating. Learn how to peak over and over again in intercourse, and to experience multiple, full body, Tantric orgasm, without ejaculating. (Guidance will be given in how to do this but there will be no direct experience of doing this, unless you bring a partner.)
  • All exercises can be done with both partners so that your partner learns not only how to support you in reaching multiple, full body, Tantric orgasm without ejaculating but is able to arrive at the same experience herself with or without ejaculating.

Session Three: How to Pleasure A Woman (Part One)

Lover's Embrace

This session switches the focus of attention from you to your partner. In this session, I guide you in calling forth and honoring the Goddess, in awakening and following her energy, taking it where she wants it to go. You learn how to bring the full power of your presence and your energy to the Goddess and to build her sexual energy with such sensitivity that she is reaching out for more and moves into orgasmic bliss.

Learn how to:

  • Be totally present in all of your senses and out of your mind and into your heart so that you experience life and your sexuality with greater vividness and intensity.
  • Generalize this capacity into pleasuring you Goddess, and yourself in the process, with more powerful intensity.
  • Read the subtle messages of your partner’s body
  • Get helpful feedback without disturbing your partners energy
  • Give a sensual massage
  • Tap into, and build, her sexual energy through Tantric Touch.
  • Touch in a way that women find tantalizing and truly exquisite, and that attunes you to the turn-on of subtle energy.
  • Transmit sexual energy through your eyes, lips, and touch into your partner’s body.
  • Build her orgasmic energy throughout her body so that she longs for your intimate caresses of her most erogenous zones.
  • Understand and navigate the anatomy of the Yoni so that you are better able to bring your partner to orgasm, and especially g-spot orgasm.
  • Gently and lovingly guide your partners consciousness so that she does the things that she needs to do in order to optimize her capacity to experience to have ecstatic orgasmic experiences. (You may want to get her permission to do this.)

If you add an hour to this session, making it 4.5 hours, I will be able to cover the Tantric Erotic Massage Training provided in session 4. You will leave with all the skills and information that you need to do the Tantric Erotic Massage having practiced on me and having a handout, naming and describing every delicious stroke (of which there are about 30). Your woman will go wild with pleasure when she experiences the variety of your erotic touches and the masterful skill with which you execute them.

Session Four: How To Pleasure A Woman (Part Two)


  • Watch a sex education video on Taoist Erotic Massage for Women.
  • Develop the skills that you learn from the video.
  • Combine the new skills you learn in this session with the skills you learned in Session One about being in the Sacred Heart Space and moving from a place of powerful, heart connected presence into the sensual/ sexual arena, and the skills you learned in Session Two, about Tantric Touch and bringing a woman’s body alive and building her orgasmic energy.

Session Five: How to Pleasure a Woman (Part Three)


Learn processes that will enable you to assist Your Partner in reaching:

  • Clitoral Orgasm
  • G-Spot Orgasm
  • Extended Tantric Orgasm
  • Blended Clitoral and G-Spot Orgasm
  • Female Ejaculation

Learn how to:

  • Bring your partner to multiples peaks of sexual ecstasy
  • Turn your partners sexual peaks into increasingly high plateaus of sexual ecstasy.

Session Six: Tantric Love-Making & Sexual Energy Circuits

When ur love become deep it become the formless..ur love will become the luminous presence..pg

“The moment of orgasm is the closest most people come to communion with their inner being and God/Goddess. Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that this experience is a brief glimpse into our true divine nature: ecstatic in the body, compassionate in the heart, empty in the mind, blissful in the spirit. To get a taste of this exalted condition, just imagine the powerful experience of prolonged and multiple orgasms.” Somraj Pokras. Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery.

In sessions 1 and 2, you learned how to flood your body with sexual energy, instead of releasing it in a quick, short, limited explosion, and to peak it over and over again so that you could experience full body orgasm and how to translate that experience into the context of intercourse.

In this session, you will learn more about how to:

  • Turn your sex into a sacred communion with your partner, yourself and the divine.
  • Move into slow, deep, heart-centered love-making, while streaming your sexual energy throughout your body.
  • How to transmit this energy to your partner and receive it from your partner to create what in Tantra is called “The Circle of Bliss”. Experience the body movements, breathing techniques, sounds and focus of attention that enables this transmission to take place. I would practice these with you – without intercourse. If you are attuned to Tantra you will find that is possible to transmit sexual energy, and even to become orgasmic, without intercourse. It is quite amazing.
  • Experience Tantric orgasm (a combination of multiple orgasm, full body orgasm, and extended orgasm), in which, while in a state of no mind, erotic energy implodes throughout you and your consciousness is filled with ecstatic bliss, as you lose your boundaries and become one with the all.
  • Create Sexual Energy Circuits within your body and between your body and your partner’s body. This involves directing the architecture of your sexual energy so that different configurations of sexual/spiritual arousal are created. Experience how these accelerate and intensify the experience of sexual and orgasmic energy.

Session Seven : Romancing Your Relationship – Part 1

How To Create The Kind Of Emotional Intimacy That Leads To Sexual Intimacy & Passion

Kari Star's Amazing Adventures in Cosmic Sex's photo.534697_419123371487460_1506745139_n

Part 1 covers the following aspects of creating intimacy and desire in relationship

Intimate Conversations

Captivating Encounters

Heart-Opening Appreciations

Invigorating Separations

Session Eight : Romancing Your Relationship – Part 2

The Tantric Romantic Date Night


We come together in great love. We conjoin and wear the ring of our undying commitment. We begin to feel safe. We no longer have to be on our best behavior. Our standards fall. We find that our partner’s apparent best interest is not the same as our best interest and soon a power battle, whether low-keyed or high keyed, ensues and we become not only each others primary companion but intimate enemies. Familiarity dampens the flames of hot love and our times of love get further and further apart. We still care but are disappointed with what we created out of the material of the union of our loves and lives. Is it possible to go back and recreate fresh love and re-ignite hot passion, in each case better than ever before? I say Yes.

The one and a half hour Tantric Romantic Date Night Session

You will learn:

  • How to approach your partner so as to increase the chances that she will co-operate with you in creating a transformation of your relationship in the direction of greater emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • How to follow through so that the two of you learn together the consciousness and skills for creating this transformation.
  • How to do a long, incredible date night with your partner that will begin with relaxation, move from there into emotional intimacy, then into the Sacred Heart Space, followed by sensuality and only lastly sexuality.


Longer Tantric Romantic Date Night Sessions (Up to 6 hours)

This session will involve experiential components from the date night experience that you will experience. It is highly recommended that you also do the first session on How to Pleasure the Goddess as the skills learned here will greatly enhance your abilities in the date night experience. The skills learned in all the sessions would enhance it but none more than this one.

Session Nine: A Sacred Tantric Puja and Sex Magic

CarolineMuir- TheTantraGoddess

A Tantra Puja is a series of sacred Tantric rituals, which can be enacted and experienced by a single couple or a group of couples. Most often the puja consists of a circle of men and women who participate in the series of rituals in which they celebrate their sacred connection. This connection can be with each other, with the divine, and, most often in modern America, with the particpants sacred sexuality. For each ritual the woman moves to the next man in the circle.

A Couples Tantric Puja is a series of Tantric rituals all of which are completed by the one couple for the purpose of building and honoring their divine union and celebrating their sacred sexuality.

If you are a man, and are doing this session alone with me, I will be your partner.

The Tantric Puja focuses on:

  • Establishing the Sacred Heart Space
  • Connecting from a place of powerful, heart connected presence
  • Following your partners energy and attuning to them
  • Initiating the experience of sensual Tantric Touch
  • Running sexual energy and connecting it with spiritual energy your own and your partners
  • Sex magic for manifesting your desires

Session 10 and Beyond – Additional Sessions: Co-creative Tantric Experiences


In this session/s, we will bring all that you have learned together in a co-creative, spontaneous and Tantric experience.


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