Tantra Massage



A Tantric Massage is a loving, sensual, pleasure-oriented massage with a blend of light tantalizing touch and slightly deeper therapeutic touch. Fall into a deep relaxation while your senses are stimulated and aroused. I will move into a powerful body and heart connection with you. To find out more, read my articles on the Sacred Sensual Tantra Massage and the Sacred Sensual Delight Experience.

If you are with your partner, one of you will be the receiver and the other will be learning how to be the giver. If you do a longer session, both partners can experience both roles.

The Tantric Massage is no ordinary massage. It involves you learning how to slow down through learning the following:

  • The Tantric breathing
  • To connect your sex, heart and spirit
  • An arousal scale that enables you to slow down.
  • How to spread your sexual energy throughout your body.

All of this is in addition to a very pleasurable, sensual massage that both relaxes and stimulates you.

Tantric Massage Testimonials

The time I spent with Tanya is still a pleasant ‘mind vacation’ I go to every now and then. Her massage was therapeutic, sensual and Tantric – just what I needed.
DavidI just wanted to Thank You for an incredible experience.
I will never forget the closeness, intimate feelings that were shared.
Very powerful and exhilarating all at once plus very educational.
TonyOur session left me with a lasting, blissful impression. I can’t describe how or why, but it was sublimely relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.
DaveI want to recommend Tanya with the highest rating. My sessions with her were nurturing on all levels–physical, spiritual and sensual. Her touch, metaphorically and physically, made me feel safe to experience her wonderful massage and Tantric skills. The session space Tanya has created is luscious in texture and color, the music is enchanting, and a shower is available for either, both before or after the session. The session takes place in a private home with easy parking and access. Tanya is professional in all ways, responds promptly to emails and phone calls, and is as attractive as her photos reveal her to be. She is also generous with her time.
Tony Y

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