Tantra Experience & Tantra Massage


90 minutes to 3.5 hours


A Tantric experience is an ideal introduction to Tantra, where you will learn to move into the Sacred Heart Space and stay there for the duration of our sensual connection. During it you will experience a variety of Tantric practices and rituals that will utterly delight you as they lead you into intensely focused, pleasurable, heart-centered, sensual spaces that will connect your body and soul.

Tantric experiences can be “structured” or can be a “flowing with the moment” experience and which way it goes will depend on a combination of your desires and the flow of our energies in the moment. How could it be any other way, if it were to be a true Tantric experience? However, there are two potential scenarios and when we speak before we meet we discuss which would best serve you.

Structured scenario

The structured scenario may include such things as intimate talking to get to know each other, a Tantric bath experience, entering into the Sacred Heart Space and making a soul connection and then moving from there into the sensual (while holding that sacred space intact) through an experience of sensual touching, first me with you and then you with me. This could be followed by a sacred sensual delight experience, in which you are blind-folded, brought into the Tantric consciousness, and all your senses powerfully stimulated as a lead into a Sensual Tantric Massage. For further information, please read my attached article on the Sacred Sensual Delight Experience. Typically the length of these sessions is between an hour and a half and 3.5 hour session, the longer the session the more time for more pleasure. In fact, you can merge the structured and the unstructured scenario by elongating the time span of the session.

Unstructured scenario

The unstructured scenario will begin similarly to the structured session with conversation in which I will attempt to discover the place of need, desire or aspiration in you so that I might attend to that in the session. We will move into a Tantric space with each other that is a place of powerful, heart connected presence. After we have established our deep connection, what will happen will have a lot to do with what comes up in our initial conversation. Often, I may teach you how to touch Tantrically and guide you into how to follow a woman’s energy and then we co-create the flow of following, leading, and merging energy.

Tantric Massage – One Hour

The Tantric Massage is no ordinary massage. It involves you learning how to slow down through learning the following:

  • The Tantric breathing
  • To connect your sex, heart and spirit
  • An arousal scale that enables you to slow down.
  • What to do at the pinnacle of your bliss so that you will spread your life-force sexual energy throughout your body, increasing the likelihood that you will have a full body experience.

All of this is in addition to a very pleasurable, sensual massage that both relaxes and stimulates you.

Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage – One and a Half Hours

The Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage combo will give you a real intro to Tantra. When the Tantric Massage is combined with a Tantra Experience it is all the more powerful for what goes before it. When you arrive, I have you change into a sarong which I provide for you. We talk for a little while to connect our energies and become real people to each other. Then we move into the Sacred Heart Space, which is a place of powerful heart-connected presence, and make a soul connection. Then holding that space intact, we move from there into the sensual through an experience of sensual touching, first me with you and then you with me. From there we move into the sensual Tantric massage. It will be one the richest and longest, hour and halves that you will have in your life-time – and I can say as much for the hour Tantric Massage.

Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage – 2 hours

Now, let me add what happens in the two hour experience. We go in one of two directions, your choice.

Option 1. The Sacred Sensual Delight Experience

. Prior to giving you the massage, I blindfold you and guide you into a state of silent, focused Tantric presence. Then I tantalize your senses in a number of evocative and even erotic ways – your sense of smell, taste, hearing, kinesthetic/feeling sense.

Sacred Sensual Delight Experience

Option 2. Tantalizing Tantric Touch

I have taught you how to touch sensually from a place of powerful, heart-connected presence. Now I will teach you how to feel energy in your hands and how to touch in ways that bring a woman’s whole body alive. You will also learn how to touch in a taking way. When you touch in a taking way, you give yourself pleasure through your touch. You will learn how to do that in a way that increases the pleasure of your partner.

Tantra Experience and Tantra Massage – 2.5 hours

If you want both the Sacred Sensual Delight Experience and to learn and practice Tantalizing Tantric Touch, then you have the 2.5 hour session. You would also choose the 2.5 hour session, if you want to spend the extended time on further developing your capacity to sensually pleasure a woman by arousing her through your touch and heartfelt presence. It is possible to do several hours on Tantric Touch and Pleasuring the Goddess. The longer the time we have there the more you will learn and the more intimate the session will be. There is always the Tantra Mastery Session on Pleasuring the Goddess, if you want to go even deeper into this realm.

Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage – 3 hours and up

If you want both option 1 and 2 but you want to go deeper into option 2 then you will be doing the 3 or 3.5 hour session.

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