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Is Tantra a life-long path or can you see immediate results?

Both are true. A single session can have an enormous effect. I have an introductory 4.5 hour session which will take you a long way from where you are. And, as you would expect, the more you put into it the more you get out of it. There is also a Tantra Mastery Series for Couples.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a relaxing, stimulating, romantic experience to put new life into your relationship or as a way of expressing the deep connection that you have with your partner, a Tantric Experience may be the way to go for you. This is also true of you if you would like me to design an erotic, boundary stretching experience that will fan the hot fire of your desire.


If you have a limited time or budget considerations one possibility is an introductory 4.5 hour Tantra session.

Overcoming Relationship Blocks to Experiencing Tantra
This session can begin with an exploration of whatever blocks there are in your relationship to experiencing Tantra, with the purpose of overcoming these.I have a history of significant success in this arena.

Learning the Pre-requisites That Enable Tantra
This will be followed by a brief but very potent introduction to Tantra and the main pre-requisites for Tantra without which Tantra does not happen

Making a Soul Connection and Sensual Touch
We will then move into the Sacred Heart Space. You will learn how to make a soul connection with each other. You will have the experience of being in a place of powerful, heart connected presence and moving from there into the sensual, sexual arena through an experience of sensual touching.

Bringing Her Whole Body Alive With Your Touch & Building her Orgasmic Energy
After this the male partner will learn how to pleasure the goddess in his beloved. He will learn how to touch her in ways that arouse her and build her orgasmic energy, how to bring her whole body alive so that she yearns for his touch, how to feel pleasure and energy in his hands as he touches her, and to use variety in his touch. Should you both wish, he can learn yoni massage (female genital massage) and female g-spot massage.

Becoming an Excellent Receiver and the Art of Great Feedback
The female partner will learn how to be an excellent receiver and how to use her consciousness to intensify the sensations that she experiences in her body. She will also learn how to give her partner the feedback that he needs to be an excellent giver.

Learning Each Others Roles
You will both be learning the others roles in the process of hearing me teach it to your partner.
After this session you will find that your capacity to be excellent lovers with each other will be greatly increased and you will be enriched by the benefit of it for the rest of your relationship.


Choose from twelve optional sessions
Sessions that flow out of Your Needs & Desires

Most sessions are 3.5 hours

The description of this mastery series is given mainly to give you an idea of the scope of what is available to you and to provide you with a menu of Tantric options. You do not need to do all of the sessions. With some exceptions, you do not need to do them in the order they are given. You can pick and choose segments from different sessions and in so doing design your own program. In reality each session that you take will be a natural outflow of what you most need and desire and should be your natural next step.


Session One – The Sacred Heart Space and Sensual Tantric Touch

  • Introductions – To each other, Tantra, and Your Relationship
  • Moving Energy with Your Consciousness. Yes, you can. Yes, you will
  • The Sacred Heart Space – Being in Full, Appreciative Presence with Each Other
  • Sensual Touch in the context of the Sacred Heart Space

Session Two – Bringing Your Partner’s Whole Body Alive With Your Touch

  • Sensual Tantric Touch & Sensual Erotic Massage
  • Arousing, tantalizing, & bringing your partner’s whole body alive
  • Teaching Your Partner How To Please You

Session Three – Focus on the man

  • Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm
  • Lingam (Penis) Massage – Learning a variety of exciting strokes

Session Four – Focus on the woman

  • Full Body Orgasm, Female Ejaculation
  • Female Orgasm, Full Body Orgasm, and Female Ejaculation

Session Five – Tantric Orgasm

Session Six – Ecstatic Sexual States in Intercourse and Sexual Energy Circuits

Session Seven – Kama Sutra and Sex Magic

Delf Lepidosiren art

Session Eight – Romancing Your Relationship


  • Intimate Conversations
  • Captivating Encounters
  • Heart Opening Appreciations
  • Invigorating Separations

Session Nine – How To Do A Tantric Romantic Date Night

  • Information on How to Do A Romantic Tantric Date Night
  • Creating the Ambiance for Love-making
  • Supplements for Sexual Health and Aphrodisiacs

Session Ten – The Tantric Romantic Date Night – An Experience of A Date Night.

Session Eleven – The Tantric Romantic Date Night Tantric Puja Or Tantric Puja

A Tantric puja is a series of sacred Tantric rituals that a couple can use to move themselves into a place of intense Tantric connection with each other. In this Tantric puja, you will experience an overview of Tantra.

Session Twelve – Tantra Turn On – Bringing it all together


Why You Would Choose A Tantra Experience Over Tantra Coaching

Two options for focusing on your pleasure

You would choose the Tantra Experience instead of Tantric coaching if what you desire is a magical, sensual, erotic, one of a kind, experience to juice up your life together. My intention would be to give you and your partner an exquisite experience with each other and, if you wish, with me –or with me and my Tantric partner. The focus of the session would be on your pleasure rather than your learning, although both would take place.

There are two options for the kind of Tantric Experience you can have. These are:

  • A romantic, Tantric experience
  • An exciting, boundary stretching Tantric experience

Option 1: A Romantic, Tantric Experience

Dancing Couple KK with Rumi Quote

You may not want to learn Tantra. You may simply want to have a romantic, Tantric experience. Perhaps it is your partner’s birthday or your anniversary and you want something different and special that will enable you to fully experience and express your appreciation and adoration of each other. I can design an experience that will enable you to express your love and appreciation in a variety of ways.

These could include, such experiences as:

  • A private outdoor spa experience with a glass of wine or juice.
  • Verbal acknowledgments of each other
  • Sharing of gifts and cards
  • A romantic, sensual shower experience . You will be guided on how to give each other such a shower and all the accoutrements and ambiance needed for such a shower will be provided.
  • Dancing for or with each other.
  • The sensual feast The sensual feast is an exquisite sensual feast for your kinesthetic, auditory, gustatory, and olfactory senses given either by us to the both of you or by one of you to the other, guided by or supported by us.
  • A Tantric puja for two, that will take you into the Sacred Heart Space with each other and connect your sensual and spiritual energies through a series of sacred Tantric experiences.
  • Guidance in how to give each other a sensual, Tantric massage or a sensual, Tantric massage provided for each of you

Option 2: An Exciting, Boundary Stretching Erotic Adventure

Alternatively, you may long instead for an exciting, boundary stretching erotic adventure.

Perhaps you want to bring a breath of fresh air to your relationship by introducing something new and on the edge, something you don’t have complete control over. You may want to give yourselves the gift of an unpredictable experience, or an experience in which you and/or your partner experiment with stretching your psycho-sexual boundaries so that you can break through the stupor of familiarity, wake up to each other again and taste the flavor of intense excitement.

If you have a fantasy that you want to enact, and that I (or I and my Tantric partner) can assist you in realizing, share it with me and, if it is congruent with me, I will co-create it with you.


If you wish, you can do a Couple’s Relationship and Sex History Diagnostic, which I will send you on request. It consists of an extensive Questionnaire and Phone Interview, and I will design a program with you in mind.


If you know the kind of session you would like and are ready to begin your Tantra training, or if you would like to discuss this further, please fill out and send me the “About You” Couple’s Profile

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