Weight issues



Weight can affect turn-on
and in so doing become a sexual issue

We all think that it shouldn’t
And sometimes it doesn’t
But often it does

You may not like the way you look and not want to be seen in the light
You may even be ashamed
May think that your partner won’t desire you because of it
and he/she probably won’t but not because of that
When you feel this way you don’t send out sexy vibes
to call your partner’s sexual energies in.
The damper on your sexual appetite and interest
becomes a damper on your partner’s sexual interest and desire.

You could change your attitude
You could deal with whatever unmet needs your attraction to food is covering up
You could change your physical state
Your partner could change how they respond to your weight if they are turned off by it

If that is not happening
and if you can’t make the shift yourself
You need help.

As long as nothing changes you will miss out on the joy and great sex that you could have.

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