Low Libido




Do you have little or no desire for sex?

Do you have sex infrequently? 

When you have it, do you have difficulty in being present all the time?

Is your turn-on – and your orgasm, if you have it – less intense?

Do you talk about it together – Or do you pretend that it isn’t happening?

Do you feel it deep inside?

Is it disappointing?

I imagine that it is.

It might seem inevitable.

It is not.

Either your hormones and your health is determining it


It has it’s source in your relationship.

It is the nature of relationships that eventually they become familiar.

That’s good news and bad.

The good news is that you are safer, more comfortable, more at ease.

The bad news is that you are too safe, too comfortable, too at ease.

You stop paying each other as much attention.

You take your place at the bottom of each others to do list.

You who are most dear find yourself there because
you will always be around tomorrow after tomorrow.

This inevitably leads inevitably to sexual boredom.

There is a way out of this.

It is a choice.
It is a successful strategy that brings you back to each other.

Teaching this is the essence of my teaching because it was so hard for me to learn
So I feel for those who suffer from its dilemma

And know what it takes to transform it.
It is my delight to share.

If your low libido is a result of aging, health and changing hormones.

There are often things that can be done

 to quickly and effectively improve, or overcome, the problem.

I have experienced this myself.
Neither you nor your partner need miss out

on the joys and the health bearing fruits that a lively sex life will bring.

If you never had a lively, enjoyable sex life with your partner – or not for long

Then that is another matter

And this too can be resolved.

Sexual skills and sexual consciousness can be taught at any age

to those who truly are willing to learn them

 and willing to invest their energies in doing so.

When it comes to a low libido

It is up to you.

It is a resolve-able issue.

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