Erectile Dysfunction ED



Can I help you get and maintain an erection?

There is a good chance that I can help you with you Erectile Dysfunction problem.  Usually people with ED also have a second problem – Performance Anxiety.  I deal with both problems in either in a one 4.5 hour session, or preferably two 3.5 hour sessions. The difference between these two options is described below in the Section called TWO ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION SESSION OPTIONS.

Whether or not I can help you maintain an erection depends on the source of the problem.  Whether it is physiological, psychological, or relationship based, or a combination of all three.

If you can get some form of an erection some to most of the time,
or if the issue is maintaining it,
I can help you improve your current erectile dysfunction (ED) situation
and possibly transform it altogether.

What if it is a physical problem?

Sometimes, such as with advanced diabetes or after prostate surgery, your erectile dysfunction has a serious physical basis and you can’t get that hard erection back. However,

Even if you cannot get an erection,
I can teach you how to have a really yummy sex life,
one even that could be a best ever experience.
I know that this is hard to imagine but it is true.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be psychologically based, relationship based or physically based.  It can also be a combination of all 3.

Psychologically Based Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is psychologically based, there can be a number of reasons for that and I will help you identify and deal with those in the session. I will also deal with your performance anxiety and help you to overcome it through mental and spiritual processes. I will assist you through a combination of learning, counseling, and experiential exercises, including sensual, Tantric Massage, which is the main vehicle of erotic energy and where you learn sexual energy mastery.

You will learn how to get out of your mind and into your senses and to move energy with your consciousness. You are learning to flood your body with your sexual energy, over and over again, at higher and higher levels of arousal, until at the peak you have what will hopefully be a full body experience. In the process of doing this you will lose your erection over and over again, only to regain it shortly thereafter. This will overcome your fear of losing your erection. The fear you have prevents you from regaining it. Thus this is a very important part of the session.

Relationship Based Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

When your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is relationship based, problems in the relationship mean that you do not get turned on enough to get or maintain an erection.  This could certainly be the case with you , if your relationship has a significant amount of conflict, boredom, resentment, anger, withdrawal or any other unresolved and toxic relationship pain.  It will also be the case, if your sexual life if fraught with upset, stress, disappointment and conflict – or if it scarcely exists at all.   I can help you deal with the problems with your partner.  I can teach you how to approach her so as to increase the chances that she will collaborate with you on re-igniting your sex life and creating together with you a more intimate passionate love.

I am an expert in teaching couples in committed long term relationships how to have a lasting intimate passionate love.  As part of this I can teach you how to have a Tantric Romantic Date Night that can include, or not include, intercourse.  All this however is an entirely different session that would need to be scheduled separately.  If you do have significant problems in your relationship with your partner which are effecting your sex life, your performance and her satisfaction, then you would both benefit by a program on Intimate Love that will teach you how to be with each other in a loving, empathetic, and compassionate way.  This will provide the foundation upon which desire and sexual passion can arise.


Physically Based Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is physiological, I can help you do one or more of the following:

  1. Overcome the physiological source of your problem.
  2. If this is not possible, lessen it’s extent and impact on you.
  3. Teach you how to have a wonderful and very enjoyable sex life with your partner, with or without your erection.
  4. Teach your partner how best to support you so as to optimize the sex life that the two of you have.  (This requires that your partner participate in the session or sessions with you.)
  5. Guide you to some natural products that are highly effective and that help a man stay stronger for longer.  I will direct you to these regardless of whether your Erectile Dysfunction is psychological, physical or relationship based, for they are effective for men who have no erection problem at all and simply want to be harder longer.

To determine if  your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is physiological, you will need to fill out the Men’s Profile where there is a special section for ED and to give me the information requested there.

If you are an older man, age is most probably a factor. The older a man gets the less nitric oxide he has and nitric oxide is responsible for erection.

How I can help

Nitric Oxide can be provided by both Viagra and other meds of this kind.  However, these meds can have harmful side effects. There are natural products that have nothing harmful in them but to the contrary support your health.  I can direct you towards these.

If you have an unhealthy diet and the cholesterol builds up around the arteries through which the blood passes on the way to the penis (lingam) then it is harder to get an erect penis – or you can’t at all.  The same build up is happening on the way to and from the heart, which is why ED can, and is quite often in an older men, a precursor to heart attack.

How I can help
I can teach you the dietary and life-style changes that will give you the best chance of improving your health and your erectile function.  My role in this would be to give you access to the information provided by others, provide you with a brief over-view, and to direct you to a competent professional who can assist you in making the desired changes, assuming that you do not already have one.

If you are on “Meds”, these can be the source of the problem?  Some pharmaceuticals cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If you are on heart meds, there is an important link here.  Heart meds tend to cause Erectile Dysfunction and Erectile Dysfunction can be a precursor to heart attacks.

Meds for depression, high blood pressure, and cholesterol also have a causal role in Erectile Dysfunction.

If you have any of these illnesses or take the drugs given to manage them?
(These are a sample of the illnesses that can give rise to ED)

  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • Depression

How I can help

In the case of any of these health challenges,health rejuvenating life-style change, including a change of diet, can make a huge difference. If they do not resolve the health challenge. they can mitigate it and limit its impact on you.  If you do not have an excellent naturopathic doctor or Functional Medicine doctor who can guide you, I can recommend you to a naturopathic doctor, who does internet consulting, who can guide you on this course.  Then as you improve your MD can reduce your meds gradually until you don’t need them at all.


What if your physiologically based Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cannot be helped on a physiological level?  Can you be helped?


Yes you can.  So listen up everybody.
Even if you Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be totally turned around, this will be relevant to you.

You can learn:

  • To run your sexual energy and spread it through your body so that you can experience orgasmic energy even without an erection.
  • Erotic things you can do without an erection that will be very tantalizing and arousing to your partner.
  • To enter your partner without an erection – as long as you are flaccid – and how to enjoy the intimacy of being inside her and what to do to stay there.
  • What to do to create the possibility for Tantric orgasm, for both yourself and your partner, while in your partner without an erection.
  • To realize that you are not your erection.  You are your mind, your heart, your spirit.  You are the love that you feel, the compassion you extend, the humor that you have, the wisdom you embody, the playfulness with which you enjoy life, the freedom you experience.Above all, you are your capacity to enjoy life and be empowered despite your circumstances.  If this is not true for you, I can help it become your truth – if you are open to it.






This consists of the First Tantra Mastery session (3.5 hours) and an additional preceding hour focused on what the field of sexology has to offer men with psychologically based Erectile Dysfunction.

The first Tantra Mastery Session covers an introduction to Tantra, The Sacred Heart Space, and Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm. Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with you. Here is the answer.

You learn how to:

  • Get out of your head, where your problems begin, and into your intimate connection with your partner & your own sexual/spiritual energies.
  • Peak your sexual energies over and over again. This is one of the most powerful sexological techniques used for ED. It is are also a part of the Tantric approach.
  • Experience Full Body Orgasm

However, it will not be exactly the same. There is one crucial difference between your session and an Ejaculation Mastery session. Many Tantra teachers are not aware of this difference. It is as little known as if it were a secret. I will share this “secret” with you.

The additional hour is focused on:

  • Identifying which of the psychological causes behind ED may relate to you and what to do about them.
  • Other common physical causes behind ED (non health related)
    (The “how to” of over-coming them is not covered in the 4.5 hour single Erectile Dysfunction Mastery session but is here.)
  • What to do when you are losing your erection that will enable you to get it back again.
  • Assistance in overcoming Performance Anxiety.
  • Other common physical causes behind ED (non health related) and how to overcome them.



The first 3.5 hour session will teach Energy Mastery and Full Body Orgasm, much in the way that the Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm session does, but with that one crucial difference that I mentioned above.

As you learn, Energy Mastery, you will learn how to:

  • Get out of your head, where your problems begin, and into your intimate connection with your partner & your own sexual/spiritual energies.
  • Peak your sexual energies over and over again. This is one of the most powerful sexological techniques used for ED. It is are also a part of the Tantric approach.
  • Experience Full Body Orgasm.
  • Turn what you learn into a new mind-body reflex.  This will occur through the home play exercises, based on what you have learned, that you are given for this purpose.

Prior to learning the Erectile Dysfunction Energy Mastery\

  • You will be given an excellent introduction to Tantra, as a path of sacred love, sacred sex and sacred life.
  • You will  learn how to make a deep heart/soul connection with your partner and to hold that space of powerful, heart connected presence as you move into the sensual.  This will be done through an experience of sensual touching. It is this kind of intimate connection that can help overcome the performance anxiety that inevitably goes along with any distressing sexual problem.
  • You will receive a handout on Men’s Sexual Nutritional Resources that will direct you to products that enable you to be harder longer, whether you have a physiological issue or not.


The second 3.5 hour session will be an extension of the first hour in the 4.5 hour session, and goes far beyond it.

It includes:

  • 12 known physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED )– one of which could be yours
  • 7 psychological causes – one or more which may be yours and which need to be dealt with if they are a factor.  Help in over-coming whatever psychological factor is blocking you.
  • Assistance in overcoming Performance Anxiety.
  • 4 non health related physical causes, 3 of which are commonplace and need to be dealt with.
  • 9 techniques for overcoming psychologically based ED, all of which can be taught to you to your advantage. Two of these will be taught in the First Tantra Mastery Session. The other 7 are to do with intercourse techniques that are not taught in that session. If you wish to learn these techniques with your partner, it is very desirable that your partner join you in the sessions.
  • A repeat of the Tantric Energy Mastery Massage to reinforce what is learned in the first session and to help to turn it into a new mind body reflex.  (This assumes that you remember the technique you learned in the early session and are proficient with it. If you do not, you will need to add an additional half hour to the session for me to go over it with you.)

What if you are in a relationship?
Do you do the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Session/s alone or with your partner?

All Tantra sessions are better done with your partner if you have one and if that partner is willing and able to join you. However, this is not necessary. Of all the Tantra sessions, the Energy Mastery – Full Body Orgasm session is the easiest one to teach without your partner.

If the Energy Mastery session is done with your partner, there will be substantial differences in the session. These include the following:

The session will need to be an hour longer. Each person takes up time. Each person is connected with. In some parts of the session the time is not doubled but tripled. This will add to the cost of the session – but it will be more than worth it.

When your partner participates, you will benefit for the following reasons:

She will become your ally in your sexual transformation process and she will be trained to play that role by me. This will increase the intimacy in your relationship.

She will be more motivated to participate with you in your home play practices and to use them as a form of foreplay, prior to love-making.

She will learn a lot more strokes for pleasuring you, and that will add to your pleasure, and to her confidence in her ability to pleasure you.

She will learn a great deal about how to move her sexual energy with her consciousness. As she watches and participates in your process, she will learn what it takes for her to build and magnify her sexual energy – and so become more orgasmic herself.

She will learn things that she too should practice in order to enjoy her sexual energy more and become more orgasmic.

She will enter into the sexual adventure with you rather than just being the recipient of your increased sexual prowess. In so doing you are taking an important step in becoming collaborators and sexual and relationship explorers together. This will open the door to other steps and so the two of you step together into a new world.

She will enjoy herself and find herself both expanded and greatly enriched. She will feel closer to you, as a result of this.

By bringing something new and a little edgy into your relationship, this shared experience, will wipe away some of the cobwebs of familiarity and bring in a breath of fresh air.


When I came to you I had trouble getting aroused, keeping an erection and even ejaculating. I had not enjoyed my previous sexual experiences or my relationships with the women I had them with. In our session, I learnt how to be with a partner from that place of “powerful, heart-connected presence” that you shared with me. I opened my heart to you and really focused my attention on you and I felt powerfully, lovingly, sensually, met by you. I experienced with you that dynamic interchange of feelings and arousal that occurs when people are really present and open with each other. I have since been this way with other women, and my relationships are now more real and intimate. I am no longer bored with my sexual relationships. In fact, now I find them very exciting – and so do my partners.
It is a miracle that coming to you with such long engrained sexual and relationship problems, in the time of one three hour session, you were able to teach me to flood my body with so much sexual energy. Ultimately I had full body orgasm without ejaculating twice and then had a full body orgasm during ejaculation. What amazed me more was that the more powerful experience was the two times I orgasmed without ejaculation and not the time I orgasmed with ejaculation. “

The testimonial below was written by a man who had peyronies disease (bent penis).  He had surgery for it and the surgery left him with some level of ED and less sensitivity in his penis.  He was self conscious about getting together with a woman as he never knew if he would get an erection and dispirited because he could not feel his sexual and orgasmic energy anywhere near what he had experienced it in the past.  He felt this was a permanent state and did not enjoy sex in the present or look forward to his sexual future.  Here is the outcome of a single session.  When asked about his sexual functioning now, he told me the following over the phone, and gave me permission to transcribe his words and present them here anonymously.

My penis is more sensitive and more orgasmic and I have a stronger erection. Tantra blew me away. I have to experience it again to believe what happened. It got me out of my mind and into my soul.The orgasm I reached, it felt as if it was deep inside my heart and soul. It took me right out of my skin. I have never reached a climax like that. It shot out of my head and skin. It brought my confidence back that I can get a strong erection again. I don’t think I have had an erection that hard and solid for a long time. It was extremely sensual and erotic. My penis has never been that sensitive. The orgasm was out of the world.

The Process for getting an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Session/s

If you want to develop the capacity to either have a stronger and longer lasting erection and, whether or not that is possible, to have a very sexy love life with your partner, you will need to sign up for the Energy Mastery for ED – Full Body Orgasm session/s. In order to do this, please first sign up for a free consultation.

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When you have done that, please fill out the Men’s Profile.

Make sure to give me as much information relevant to your needs and aspirations as possible, and to ask whatever questions you have. You will need to include your cell number, best times to call you, and an email address. When we speak I will discuss in more detail the process by which this powerful transmission is made. It is then that your life changing session is scheduled. Your love life, and that of your beloved partner, will never be the same again.

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