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Hello. I’m Tanya. Welcome to my world and to the world of Tantra

You will discover on this web-site that there are several different ways that you can meet me and begin your initiation into Tantra. They are the Tantric Massage, The Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage, and a longer more transformative Tantra Mastery Session – or many of them.

What session should you choose?

The Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage

The Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage creates a matrix of sensual pleasure in which the transformation of sexual consciousness and skills may take place.

If you long for a sensual escapade
A “time out” from stress & the mundane|
A plunge into your erotic senses
Exquisite connection
Tantalizing sensual pleasure
The experience of ecstatic surrender

Choose a Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage.

Tantra Mastery Session

A Tantra Mastery Session has as its matrix a transformational agenda
of refining and uplifting your sexual consciousness and skills,
in the context of the experience of sensual pleasure.

You would choose a Tantra Mastery Session, if:

  • You aspire to a better sexual life
  • Your relationship suffers from a lack of learnable sexual skills
  • You need to uplevel your sexual consciousness and refine your sexual skills
  • You want to become a Tantric lover
  • You want to refine your ability to pleasure the Goddess with sensual Tantric Touch
  • You have Sexual Problems you wish to overcome

Are any of these sexual problems yours, or your partners?

* Premature Ejaculation
* Erectile Dysfunction
* Delayed Ejaculation
* Orgasm Difficulties
* Porn addiction
* Performance anxiety
* Low Libido

Would you like to …

* Feel relaxed, confident, and turn-on in sexual situations
* Be able to really connect on all levels with your present or future lover
* Last as long as you want
* Let go when you want
* Cultivate your capacity for Full Body Orgasm and multiple orgasm
* Bringing your partner to ecstatic bliss

Experience learning this through an intimate experience with me

In each case, there is both sensual pleasure and the enhancement of your sexual capacities but in the case of the Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage sensual pleasure has the priority.  In the case of the Tantra Mastery sessions your development as a Tantric lover, and the resolution of your sexual challenges and the achievement of your sexual aspirations, is the priority.

Which ever way you choose, they have one common denominator – us – two human beings sharing a warm, authentic, deep connection that is Tantric to the core.

What does this mean?

A Tantric connection is intimate, heart-centered, sensual, spiritual, fully alert and filled with appreciation and gratitude. In a sexual context, it is erotic, passionate, and sacred. What I teach is how to move into this yummy, Tantric place – whether you are having a Tantric massage, a Tantric experience, or learning how to be a Tantric lover, skilled in the arts of Sacred Sexuality.  We will meet on all levels – our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit.

What an Intimate Experience with Tanya doesn’t involve

There will be no sexual intercourse or oral sex.
No unconscious touching, groping, watching porn together, seeing how far you can go, etc.
No bi-sexual relations with a couple or woman.

It has been my good fortune, to have high quality clients who come with the genuine desire to learn and become better lovers to the present or future partner in their life.  This means that they desire to solve their sexual challenges, achieve their sexual and spiritual aspirations, develop the capacity to experience the divinity in existence,  and to unite their sex with their heart and spirit.  I attribute to this to the consciousness that I am calling forth and to my explicitness regarding the consciousness that I am not calling forth.

Where You Will Find Me

If you wish to meet with me, most often you will find me in San Diego, California, in my exquisite Tantric Temple, not far from downtown, the airport, the beaches and the upscale La Jolla and North County.

I do travel and I hope that if I travel to your area that you happen to see my ad letting you know that I am there. I invite you to check out my travel schedule to see if I am coming your way. Alternatively, sign up for my free gifts to you and I will alert you, if you identify the major city near you that you might find me in. If you wish to meet me using the internet, I love to do skype video and phone sessions and you may well love them too.

What I Offer You
An Overview


Do you aspire to have a better sexual life?

Does your relationship suffer from a lack of learnable sexual skills?

Do you need to experience yourself as vital, turned on and sexually alive again!

Do you know that

You can overcome your sexual problems and learn to be a great lover?

You don’t have to be doomed by ED, Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation, Orgasm Problems, Performance Anxiety, Low Libido, or Porn Addiction

You can last for as long as you want and ejaculate only when you and your partner are ready.
Premature Ejaculation can be a thing of the past.

If you have ED and it is psychologically based, you can overcome it quite quickly.

If your ED is physically based, you can either turn it around, mitigate it, or learn to live with it in a way that still enables you and your partner to have a hot, sexy, love life together.

If you have trouble orgasming or ejaculating, this is usually psychologically or relationship based, and can be overcome.

You don’t have to suffer from porn addiction.  I can show you the pathway out of it into real turn on.

The days of your performance anxiety can soon be forgotten while you move confidently and enthusiastically into intimate and passionate sex.

You can learn to touch, arouse and tantalize your woman and to take her to her bliss.  It takes learning to achieve this, for most men.  Most men never get that learning and so their sex lives are disappointing to them and their partner.  You don’t have to be one of them.

Men who love sex and are really good at it are always looking for opportunities to learn more so that they can actualize their sexual potential and enable their partner/s to do the same. Tantra is a path of Sacred Sexuality and a path of sexual and spiritual self-actualization. If you walk the path of Tantra you will find that the union of the sexual and the spiritual, magnifies and intensifies both.

Stressed with Life and Work?
You can slow down, relax and be pampered in my intimate Tantric sanctuary.  Together we will replace the stresses of your life with heart-centered, sensual intimacy & tantalizing Tantric Massage – or, better still, a Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage.  Turn on your fire and open yourself to life’s ecstasy.

So, I have shared what it is that you can find with me for yourself.  None of these words will give you the breadth and the depth of what all this adds up to.  The bottom line is that the experience will be a deep dive into Tantric reality – and you will discover if you resonate to it.  If you do, or if you come to do so, you will be so blessed that most likely you will tell me so.  I hope that soul stirring yumminess and the capacity to create it comes into your life too.

Enjoy my web-site and come check it out often.  I will be sharing many gems in my blog and updating my offerings.  If you would like a free consultation with regard to a session, click here and fill out the form and I will call you to have or schedule our conversation.



Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach