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I would like to learn something more about you. Please answer all the questions below. If you have sexual challenges or aspirations, let me know what they are. The more information you give me with regard to these, the easier it will be for me to help you choose the appropriate session and to modify the session to best meet your needs and desires.

If you are aware of the history behind a sexual challenge you have, I encourage you to share that too. For example, if you know that you were often criticized for cuming too fast and that now you have performance anxiety, let me know this. If you judged your penis as inadequate as a young boy and were anxious that you would not be enough and now have trouble getting an erection, I can be more helpful to you if I know this. Whatever you don’t tell me, I will discover in our opening talk if you are doing a 3.5 hour Tantra Mastery Session but if I already know this, it will make better use of your time with me.

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