A Message from Tanya

It is my desire to share Tantra with all those who seek to explore this path. It will be my great pleasure to meet with you if you decide that you wish to take this journey with me – whether it be for a short, sweet, intense taste tease or an in-depth sojourn. One reason for this web-site is to give you the information that you need to determine if you would like to meet and explore Tantra with me.

There is another equally important reason for this web-site that I would like to share with you. Tantra is about being in the moment and experiencing pleasure, about being playful and following the flow of your energy and your delight. I found that as I became more successful and more and more people phoned me and wrote to me, I had less and less time to move into the playful, joyful, appreciative celebration of life that is the hallmark of Tantra. This web-site will give you a feel for my energy and my presence, It is intended to save me from the many hours that I have spent every week, talking to and corresponding with people who were uninformed of the information that is to be found in this site.

When you feel out your application for a free consultation with me, I will immediately send you a introductory email that will assist you in easily navigating this site to those areas that are of most interest and relevance to you.

From perusing carefully my website and experiencing me more directly in your free consultation, you will know enough to know if you wish to take the next step with me and schedule a session. If you wish to do so, I will be happy meet with you and take you on the next step on your journey – whether it be into pleasure or transformation – and invariably both.

Namaste. I honor your high being.


Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach


  1. Review this web-site
  2. Sign up for the free consultation with me. If you need to make contact with me straight away, after you do this, send me a text to 760-845-1489. As soon as I am available I will call you on the number you leave me in the free consultation application and email you an introductory email to the email address you provide me.

    If you do not need me to contact you immediately or within the hour, I will send you the introductory informational email and will call you, hopefully on the same day or within 24 hours. Please let me know if you need me to call asap.

  3. If you want to see me for longer Tantra Experience and Tantra Massage or Tantra Mastery Session, or any session 2 hours or longer, please fill out the About You Profile for men, women, or couples. Couples should both fill out the profile separately, preferably. This gives me the best information about each person’s needs and desires. If I receive the profile prior to your consultation with me, it enables us to make better use of our time, which is limited due to the many demands on my time.

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Phone: 760-845-1489
(Please review this site and complete the application for the free consultation prior to contacting me.)


I am located in San Diego, California, approximately 15 minutes from downtown San Diego, the Convention Center and the airport. I am 15 to 25 minutes south of coastal North County and just east of La Jolla, near the junction of the 5 and the 52. I am an 8 minute drive from the fabulous La Jolla beaches. I am an hour from Orange County and two hours plus from Los Angeles. You will find me in an exquisite Tantric lover’s retreat, which you can see when you watch this video.