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It is natural that you would want to know something about me – who I am, whether I really can do what I say I can and what education, training, and life experience I have that equips me to do so. Am I really a Tantra teacher capable of transforming your life if you co-operate with me, or am I a pretty and sexy lady with whom you can have a good time – or am I something in between? It is not my intention to answer these questions but rather to provide you with the information that I hope will enable you to arrive at your own conclusions.

I was born in Australia and grew up there. As a child, I learned compassion and the capacity of human beings to change and evolve in difficult and painful situations, because that was what I did.

Shortly after I arrived in America, I went on a search for my spiritual roots. I became a vegetarian, gravitated towards natural health, became a prominent player in the field of holistic education, and looked for a spiritual path that would enable me to feel the reality of the spiritual dimension of existence. This search led me to Osho Rajneesh, an extraordinary spiritual master through whom I entered the Tantric path. I was attracted to him because celebration, wildness, joy and sex were included as an intrinsic part of evolving spiritual consciousness on his path.

My concept of the new man is that he will be Zorba the Greek and he will also be Gautam the Buddha: the new man will be Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual, physical, utterly physical, in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body and  all that the body makes possible, and still a great consciousness, a great witnessing will be there. He will be Christ and Epicurus together.——– “Quote from Osho”


Spiritual Experiences

Whenever, I gave the spiritual dimension of my existence my primary attention, I was blessed with spiritual experiences. These spiritual experiences shaped in me a strong spiritual consciousness, which you will experience as a powerful, heart connecting presence, love, the transmission of life-force energy and a genuine concern to serve your best interests.

I wish to share with you one of these experiences, which occurred at my first Tantra workshop where I had a Tantric initiation. Margo Anand, the workshop leader, had sent us out in opposite sex pairs to do a Tantric experience. I had just met with my partner who I felt attracted to. We were standing, holding hands, fully clothed and had not even begun to discuss the exercise when I began to slowly move into an extended full body orgasm. Energy was radiating as light and spreading from the core of my being throughout and beyond my body. There was nothing I could do, or desired to do, other than to surrender to the experience and let my conscious mind be obliterated by it as my orgasm and I became one. Nothing in that workshop had equipped me either to create such an experience for myself or to even to imagine the possibility of such a thing. It was a level 1 workshop. It was only many years later that I realized that I had had a spiritual Tantric initiation that heralded, and helped prepare, my entry into the path of Tantra.

Training and Education

I never intended to become a Tantra teacher. I only desired to learn Tantra myself. Once having learned, it seemed only natural to teach others and a blessing to myself as well as them.

Along the path of my own Tantric learning, a path I still travel, I have been influenced by many Tantra teachers, both through the books that they wrote and through the many Tantric trainings I took with them. I have studied with nearly every great modern Tantra teacher alive today and also many middle level and minor Tantra teachers. The most important of these is the enlightened spiritual master, Osho Rajneesh, who showed me how to be free and find happiness in the imperfect circumstances that constituted my life. It is from him that I first learned that the diamond of spiritual consciousness has its roots in the coal of sex and what it takes to turn that coal into a diamond.

Osho was the beginning and after him came the others, all magnificent in their own unique ways – Margo Anand, Charles and Caroline Muir,the French Tantric master, Daniel Odier, Bohdi Avinasha, Laurie Grace, Kutira and Raphael, Anand Somraj and Anand Jeffre, Sasha Lessin, Jaiia Earthschild, Steve and Lokita Carter, Robert Frey, Franscoise Ginsberg, MareAsha, Shama, Bernie Prior, and all my precious beloved Tantra lovers, both past and present.

I have also read many books and done many trainings in the field of psychology, relationship therapy and sexual education. John Bradshaw, Harville Hendricks, David Schnarch, Virginia Satir, Gay Hendricks, and John Welwood are all luminaries in these fields whose work I have carefully studied.

These Tantric and psychological trainings are supported by my formal education in which I have learned psychological and relationship counseling, sex counseling and adult education skills. These include a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters of Education. I am also a trained Organization Development consultant and workshop leader. I have thus been trained to create experiences for people out of which they can arrive at a new awareness and develop the skills with which they can guide themselves into a different, more desirable, and, in the case of my Tantra clients, a more Tantric life.

Life/Sexual Experiences

From the moment I had my first Tantric experience in at my first Tantric workshop, I never had anything other than Tantric sex again. It was turning point that happened without decision. I did not even realize it at the time. It is only when I look back now that I realize how radically my life and my sexuality changed. I had previously moved from being a woman who was non- orgasmic to one who struggled to access her orgasmic energy and for whom success was an intermittent matter. Now I became an amazingly Tantric and orgasmic woman.

Initially the Tantric energy was especially obvious, I would touch finger tips as I blessed the food and the Tantric energy would course through my body, I would look into my lover’s eyes as I was cleaning my teeth and it would course through my body. I would feel it sometimes as I drove along the freeway, or flew in an airplane. On one occasion my lover became translucent and luminous and I merged with the light.

I became a woman that is almost always multi-orgasmic, has Tantric full body orgasms, knows the full meaning of surrender and the amrita that flows from this surrender, and who feels the union of my sexual and spiritual energies. My sexual fantasies dropped away under the influence of Tantra and were replaced by my immersion in the powerful sensations in my body and in the sexual-spiritual energy circuits I was able to create with my focused, silent consciousness. The more silent I became, the more meditative I became in sex, the more powerful and pervasive my orgasmic response.

Tantric sex became my practice and life brought great Tantric friends who became Tantric lovers. My Tantric friends and lovers began to express to others what they knew. They became the writers, teachers and even the musicians and artists of the Tantric world. Prominent among these is one Beloved who has been with me over the years in a very free but bonded connection and who is my Tantric teaching partner. All these people are powerful influences that have helped shape me – as I will help shape you.

Professional/Work Experience

After doing a Master’s of Education, specializing in Adult Education and Counseling and a Ph.D in Psychology, I worked in the field of individual, relationship, and sexual counseling.

About 11 years ago, I decided to produce and co-facilitate with my Tantric partner, Tantra workshops in San Diego and so began a series of Tantric workshops. These included “Sacred Love: Sacred Sex”, “The Wave of Bliss,” “The Sacred Heart Space and Sensual Tantric Touch”, “The Tantra Experience Party Games”, “Passion: Aphrodisiacs, Differentiated Relationships and Fantasy as Pathways to Increased Sexual Desire”, “The Tantric Date Night,” “ The Intimacy Experience” and “The Tantra Oil Experience”, an extraordinary Tantric workshop.

About four years after that, I began to do private Tantric coaching in which I initiated people into the consciousness and skills that birth a Tantric life and Tantric sexuality. Although I love to work with couples and with woman, most of these people are men Many of these men turn to me because they do not want to continue to suffer from the disappointing consequences of ejaculating too quickly. They wish to experience the extraordinary sex life they are able to have when they are able to keep on stoking, seemingly endlessly, the fires of their own and their partners sexual energy, transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy and reigniting more sexual energy again, moving through sexual peaks and valleys, merging sexual and spiritual energies within themselves and between themselves and their Beloved, until nothing but supreme bliss is there. Others want to learn how to bring their partner to bliss through their sensitive, electric touch. Still others reach out not because they want to learn Ejaculation Mastery or how to pleasure their Goddess but because they want to elevate their love and sex life. They wish to find their spiritual core within the sexual experience and to experience the full expression of their sexual and spiritual energies. I have been a gateway into these experiences for many years now – and I have done so successfully without physical intercourse.

The Future

So what’s in the future for me? It is my intention to continue my teaching with men, helping them to come to women from a place of powerful, heart-centered presence, to meet them on the level of their high being self, and to become the masters of Tantric energy that will enable them to become extraordinary lovers. I also wish to develop my clientele with women, teaching them the skills and consciousness that will enable them to be more powerfully orgasmic and deeply connected with their partner.

There is going to be a change in my direction however. I plan to spend a lot more of my time working with couples, helping them bring intimacy, romance and passion into their relationship and their lives. I realize that so many of the men come to see me because they don’t feel vital in their relationships. Their relationships are suffering from familiarity, stress, and in many cases conflict or stagnation. This is so normal but it is not a happy situation. For years now I have been furthering my training in relationship counseling and now know more and am more skilled than I ever were. I am developing programs for couples to teach them what they need to know and the skills they need to have to have an intimate love and passionate sex. I welcome any queries into my work are a relationship counselor. I know what it takes to romanticize your valued companionship.

To find out more about me, I invite you to meet me. I will help you find out more about yourself and how to unleash your sexual and spiritual energy. I will enjoy being a part of your journey into a more sacred and passionate life.

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