Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that holds sex as sacred and as a pathway to the divine. In modern America, and as I teach it, Tantra has a contemporary twist. There is a great deal of emphasis on teaching the consciousness and skills of Tantra that will enable you to be an exceptional lover and to enjoy sacred, passionate sex.

When you invite Tantric Sex into your life, you invite more than pleasure and erotic excitement. You invite transformation on many levels. You will be more able to have healthy relationships. You will be more capable of emotional intimacy and passionate love. Through Tantric Sex you will discover your spiritual core and when you share that with your partner, you can experience soul union.

What you learn from me, when implemented, will change forever your life, your relationships, and your sexual experiences.

(The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.


Tantra Coach, Relationship Counselor, Sex Coach