Yesterday was one of the most unique and stimulating experiences that I have in I cannot recall how long. I would have stayed longer had you had the time and I the means to do so.

I was, frankly, totally enthralled by the entire concept, the presentation and the teacher. I am eager to learn more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the list of the resources. I feel somewhat like a child in a candy store.

Having said all of the above, I found myself feeling profoundly saddened last night by the thought that I have lived the vast majority of what will be my life without experiencing even a taste of the world that you began to open for me yesterday. I have been emotionally alone for so long that the pain is on some days nearly overwhelming.

Nonetheless, I intend to follow your advice and reach for the stars. Could I be so lucky to find a woman to share such experiences for at least some of the remainder of my life. With your help, perhaps I can.