It is still Saturday and I have sat here for hours, trying to recall, savour, luxuriate in …. I am writing this to you because you deserve to know what is going on with me. …..

One of the miracles that you seem to be able to achieve is that client-hood is incidental and love is NOW and I had your love NOW and that it is totally OK that someone else will have it for another NOW. In fact, even though I somehow knew this before, today was a major lesson in knowing what NOW is.

Today, you succeeded in making me, the arch skeptic, know that, for those moments, you loved me. As I did you. Namaste!

Today was perfect for me. I thank you more than I can ever say. My profoundest gratitude! From the depths of my soul/body I acknowledge the depths of yours. And I am profoundly grateful for you showing me some of your ways into me. It was beautiful! And I am profoundly grateful for how you were able to lead me into you. That was beautiful!

To shake off all this profundity, let me make a final playful statement in the American vernacular: WOW, did you make an old guy happy today!!
(And yes, I did hear you on the subject of “old”.)

Love (and deepest loving respect for all you are, and all within you)