Dear Tanya,

I want you to know how much I enjoyed our session together and how much I gained from it. My life has changed. You are an excellent teacher. When I came to you I had trouble getting aroused, keeping an erection and even ejaculating. I had not enjoyed my previous sexual experiences or my relationships with the women I had them with. In our session, I learnt how to be with a partner from that place of “powerful, heart-connected presence” that you shared with me. I opened my heart to you and really focused my attention on you and I felt powerfully, lovingly, sensually, met by you. I experienced with you that dynamic interchange of feelings and arousal that occurs when people are really present and open with each other. I have since been this way with other women, and my relationships are now more real and intimate. I am no longer bored with my sexual relationships. In fact, now I find them very exciting – and so do my partners.

Tanya, I have continued to be able to let go of goals and performance expectations and just come into the moment and disappear into the pleasure – as you taught me. This has enabled me to let go of my performance anxiety.

It is a miracle that coming to you with such long engrained sexual and relationship problems, in the time of one three hour session, you were able to teach me to flood my body with so much sexual energy. Ultimately I had full body orgasm without ejaculating twice and then had a full body orgasm during ejaculation. What amazed me more was that the more powerful experience was the two times I orgasmed without ejaculation and not the time I orgasmed with ejaculation.

It was indeed a wonderful and worthwhile experience. I am doing my best to find the time to practice so that the ejaculation control and full body orgasm will become a new mind body reflex soon. You have been a gift to me and I know you will be a gift to all who become your Tantra students. You are an amazing combination of wisdom, sexiness, love and beauty. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You will hear from me again soon.