Amer Legend

Dear Tanya,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the tantra session I experienced with you last week.

I arrived seeking guidance and answers to my own personal questions, both in mind and in body, which I was unsure would ever be unlocked. However I left with all the doors wide open, flooded with light and enlightenment, ready to practice all that you taught in order to reach the higher plain you so vividly guided me towards.

Your welcoming tantra hug was the first in a long chain of spiritual bonding which put me at ease as soon as I walked through your door. The atmosphere of the room, pleasuring all of the senses (smell through incense; aural through the music; oral through the words we shared; taste through the bond created by our caress and touch through your magical fingers).

The experience was eye opening, especially the way you were very easily able to show me how energy can be moved across the body and how one can shut off the past and future, by focusing wholly on the immediate present.

I was amazed at how responsive you were able to make my body; making it tingle with surges of energy at your slightest touch and caress. That this moved onto learning how to control and shift the energy to enable me to extend my pleasure, and then to experience whole body orgasm, without ejaculating, and then again with ejaculation was absolutely amazing; one with whic
h I shudder every time I think of the session!

I am now on a spiritual path, which I will endeavor to continue through extended practice, as directed by you, so that this becomes not only a whole different experience, but a life-changing one!

The 3.5 hours were the most intense and valuable I have yet spent – I can only recommend anyone who wishes to seek out similar fulfillment to find you Tanya so that they too can experience what I was so happy to find with you.

Finally, I was very pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the cards (sorry – I forget the technical name), where I drew a Postponement Card – we both looked in some uncertainty when the card was turned over, but your reading of the meaning, was so spooky in the extreme. The card was perfect for my personality and I hope I can also learn from this too!

I hope our paths cross again in this life, either physically or at least virtually so that I can share with you both my experiences and your encouragement.


Amer Legend