Tantra Turn-On


by Tanya, Ph.D.

Tantra is ….

Tantra is about turning on. Tantra is turning on to the great “what is” of existence. It’s turning on to whatever is present for you in the moment. It’s experiencing life absolutely and accepting it with gratitude, regardless of what is happening.

Turning on is the ultimate “yes”. When you say yes, you are totally present in all your senses. Your mind stops. You are fully alert and fully conscious. You’re experiencing absolutely everything with full intensity and vividness, while your empty mind creates a vacuum through which energy can flow.

Tantra is turning on to yourself. It means accepting everything about yourself, including all those seeming frailties that belong to you. It’s accepting yourself, in whatever shape or size you come in. It’s accepting yourself in spite of the attributes and possessions that you don’t have that you would like to have – or those that you do have that you would like to let go of.

Tantra is turning on to the sacredness of all of existence.
When you come in contact with a person, you know that within them, no matter how they’re manifesting themselves, is that essence of sacred life force energy that is the God/Goddess. You know it’s there, even if you can’t see a hint of it, and you are willing to bow down to the God within them. When you do, the God within them and the God within you have a chance to encounter and when they do, this is Tantra.

It is turning on sensually and being fully present in the sexual-spiritual moment. It is being silent in your mind and feeling everything with all of your senses. It is being very juicy, and abandoned to the pleasure of the moment. There is no push to go to the next moment. You drink fully of the moment you are in. The moment fulfills its potential and out of the fulfillment of its potential, the new moment is born.

Tantra is turning on the sexual energy circuits in your body and experiencing the light that is electric spirit irradiate your body, irradiate your partner and merge the two of you into one.

When you turn on to life, you surrender to it. You just say yes to life. It may be what you ordered. It may not be what you ordered. What ever it is, you experience it and find the blessing in it. To do that, you align with your inner witness. You witness life without attachment to having it your way.
The witness – your higher self – holds on lightly and can let go and let God. It finds the turn on in whatever hand life deals – from ecstatic sex to a cold shower on a chilly morning.

Timothy Leary said: “Tune in, turn on, drop out.”
Tantra says: Tune in to your senses and to subtle energy. Turn on to sex and spirit, and experience super-conscious sacred sex. Drop out of lower consciousness and witness existence.

When you turn on, you celebrate life.

That is Tantra.