Sacred, Sensual Tantra Masage


by Tanya, Ph.D.

Sacred, Sensual Tantra Massage

Would you like a massage that satisfies you to the core? Well, what is a massage that does this?

It is a massage by someone who puts their consciousness in their hands – or perhaps their arms, or even their whole body as they touch you. Where-ever they touch you they are fully present to that in you that they are touching. They truly feel you. They also guide you to come out of your mind and into your body and to truly feel the touch, to disappear into the sensations in your body and become one with them.

It is a massage in which you can feel a loving, nurturing, sensual energy emanating from the toucher and penetrating deep into you. If you look into the eyes of your toucher, love, happiness, and whatever else your toucher feels, radiates out and permeates you. You are not faced with the eyes and the energy of an unfeeling person who is simply doing their job. Your massager’s pleasure in what she does is transparent. She is receiving through the experience of giving to you and is as responsive and expressive as she encourages you to be.

It is a massage that satisfies you to the core and focuses on what you need and want. It might be deep touch that releases the tension in sore muscles, long, smooth, sensual strokes, or light touch that tantalizes, stimulates and sets your nerve endings tingling. It is full of surprises. You will wish that it never ends and will feel profoundly at ease, in wonderful spirits and filled with gratitude when it does.

A sacred,sensual Tantric massage will stimualte your senses and arouse you as it gives you the total relaxation that you are seeking? Your Tantric pleasure givers’ hands will be all over you body to bring you to the meeting place of two polarities – relaxation and excitement. When your muscles are profoundly relaxed while your nerve endings are in a state of high excitement that’s Tantra.

Imagine – and then give yourself the gift of this experience.